3 Months to Go (Email Update Excerpt)

I have some time before my interview at 11:30 and I figured now is a good of time as any to write an update.

Some good news. I learned last week that I got accepted for an interview with INSTRAW, which is the UN Leadership and Training Institute for the Advancement of Women. The interesting thing about INSTRAW is that it is one of 2 or 3 UN organs that are based in developing nations. www.un-instraw.org. More than likely I will be working on a comparative project about female political participation in Europe and Latin America. This means that I will be staying in Santo Domingo through the summer.

Other news is that I started my observation of the Camara de Diputados, the DR´s version of the House of Representatives. My first observation was quite interesting and I should be going tomorrow to observe some more. I am also trying to get interviews with the 24 Diputadas, which is not so easy considering that it is campaign season. Let's just say I have been playing a lot of phone tag during the last week...

I went to Samana for Independence weekend, the weekend of 27 of February. It was a very interesting weekend because it just goes to show no matter how long I live here I will always be a foreigner and whenever I travel to other parts of the country especially the tourist parts they will think I am like any other tourist. Which can be hard at times because as the taxi drivers are ripping you off you have to fight to get the right price and try and explain as quickly as possible that you don´t know what 10 dollars is nor do you have 10 dollars and that you know that them charging 10 dollars that they are overcharging you. But being in the Samana area was nice because it is so beautiful. Nice sandy beaches and everything but it was so boring nothing to do at night lots of families around.

I also went to went to Santiago to catch a basketball game with my friend...who is from Santiago. It was really interesting to see a game; I went all the time when I lived there before. But the funny thing was is that the lights went out in the middle of the second game. And what did everyone do..turn on there cell phones to flash there cell phone lights. It was the coolest scene. It reminded me of when I went to the Presidente festival and Daddy Yankee asked everyone in the audience to turn on there cell phones and basically do the same thing. The lights did come back on and the game continued like nothing happened.

Other than that I have just been trying to move on this project. I actually deep cleaned last weekend due to all my recent weekend traveling so this past weekend was very low key.

Hope all is well with all of you,

© Danielle Pritchett 2013