Making Progress on My Project

Well I figured I should writing something actually pertaining to my project. Especially since this is a blog about my life as a Fulbright Scholar. So today I observed a special event at the Junta Electoral (the elections regulators). Basically the Secretary of State of Women (SEM) and the Organization of Dominican Women in Political Parties [el Foro] wrote a letter demanding that the Junta make sure that the political parties are adhering to quota law. It was a good meeting not only because I observed a part of Dominican history but also because I got to talk to Cristina, she is a woman running for senator in the upcoming congressional elections. I had been calling her campaign office with no avail. I also finally talked to something in the SEM about stopping by and doing an informational interview. I also got to observe the Senate for the first time and that was interesting. One woman was present today but its a lot like the sessions in the states no one comes unless its important.

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