Nearing the Homestretch (Email Update Excerpt)

Well this update is a bit late but I have been so busy playing phone

tag and trying to get different things done that I haven´t had a

moment or was too tired to write…now that I have a moment here is what

has happened in the last month or so:

AU Women in Politics Conference

I spent my birthday weekend in DC for the American University Women in

Political Leadership Research Conference. I had a really good time and

I learned a lot. I even had the pleasant surprise of seeing Dr. Pavri

who had a poster presentation at the conference. I think it was more

interesting to hear the reactions of different people when I said that

I was in the DR on a Fulbright, I don't know the reactions still get

to me. Either way, I met some really nice people and I got to see just

how amplio or broad this topic is. I also got a chance to tour the AU

law school, my top choice, and I really enjoyed the visit. Got a bit

shook because last year they have over 8,000 applications- they turned

down former Peace Corps volunteers (one that was wait listed was on my

tour). But I'm hoping that between my Fulbright and whatever I do this

fall and of course me new internship that my experience will bump me

up. Oh that and the fact that I was a double major. Lastly, I did get

to see my parents, have lunch with some friends and hang out too. Lastly, I

had to stop myself on the plane ride to D.C. because I was doing work

and it was my birthday.

El Congreso and Interviews

So I have stated before that I am trying to observe the congress and I

still am. I'm not sure if that part of my project is going to happen.

But I have learned almost more in trying to observe the congress than

if I would have actually observed it. It's interesting to see all the

diputados in action or not in action. I have gotten a few more

interviews done but this is also a difficult task because it is

election time and everyone is en campaña/campaigning. Oh but I will

say that the last time I was in the congress I got to eat where the

diputados eat and that was very cool. They eat some quality food which

is kind of ironic when you think well 2 blocks from here someone is

begging for food or pesos and here I am in this cafeteria that looks

more like a 4 star hotel. But I happily ate my food and got two

interviews done at the same time. 5 down and 19 to go.

Internship with INSTRAW

Not too much to report here. I did get the official terms of my

internship and the timetable for action. So I will be working on the

topic from now through August.

That is all for now. Other than my research I have just been

finalizing my list for grad/law school, budgeting to take the LSAT,

and looking at internship/job options for next year. So please keep

me in your thoughts and prayers…until next month.

© Danielle Pritchett 2013