PLD Conferencia Nacional Equidad de Género

So I'm sitting here at the PLD Conferenica Nacional Equidad de Género and it was supposed to start at 9am…well its 10:02 and they still haven’t started…la hora dominicana I tell you. Well Jacquline is supposed to present about female political participation and representation so that's why I'm here…I was thinking about staying for the rest but to be honest with it being a national conference and all there isn’t too much of anything…just some words by Gladys, SEM, the presentation by Jacquline and then I think they are moving to work groups. The only reason why I want to stay really is to hear Leonel speak at the end but that's not until 5pm and at this rate it wont be until 6 6:30 pm.

This week has been good and bad…definitely had some lazy days but I also did get some things done. I don’t know I feel like I'm so unproductive but then when I write it all out I have been productive.

But one this is is that I do have to get that letter to Janet Camilo so I must call her Monday morning to see if I can email it to her and who I should give the letter to in person.

Well I'm gong now…going to see what else I can get done before this thing starts so that this isn’t a complete waste of time. Oh quickly looking to taxis…I have given up asking for tarifas…today the guy told me 130 to go to Dominican Fiesta, where this conference is, and I was like get out of town…he heard my accent but I gave the guy 110 and he said nothing and the same happened to me last week when I went to Samaná gave the guy 110 no words so I'm making up my own tarifas now.

Ok so now I have finished lisitening to the conference. I decided not to stay after Jacqueline's speech because really there was no more to the conference except the work of the women. But im writing now because Jacqueline and I were talking about something at lunch that I need to remember to put in my research….oh ella estaba dicendome que tengo que explicar de mis experiences personales en lo que yo he visto. So I mentioned that vice regiadoras being at like 98 percent and that being too much because with gender equality its not just about putting women in but making things equal for men and women. The reactions of the women in the party to Jacqueline´s presentation. The woman who said I'm a talented woman I have 4 degrees and jobs and yet I can´t get a political position what is happeinging…clientelism. Oh I met Doña Glaydis, SEM, I really like her and she immediately took to helping me and I told her that I love what she has said etc etc. Very Nice woman…man but I am going to be thinking all night about what I said at that table.

I remembered what I said at the table (Which also goes to what the Belgroves were saying)

I was saying that its not just about oh we have a cuota and our job is done now. Yes there is a law but that law also has to be followed and enforced. Also the perception of the cuota has to be changed because now there are a lot of men that are like well the women have a quota etc etc but the thing is is that the quota is a minimum that guarantees her participation its not an advantage and there are men and people that think its just that (think Affirmative Action in the US). Just like Imma Nicorsco said at the conference the cuota is a MINIMUM of 33% there can be more and the political parties and lots of people are caught up in lets get this 33% where it can be more and one thing for sure is that really there is not a lack of candidates for positions even if you have to move candidates from one position to another…for example you have extra diputada candidates…why not push the really good ones to run for the senate augmentando, increasing, the female senate candidates while also increasing the female political candidates in general. I don't know much about the political parties and will know more by the end of my research and this statement I can apply also in the states but where is the push in the parties to put women in the upper levels…just look at the percentage of vice sindicas in the DR…88% what the hell is that??? What it is is the good ole boys that don't want to give up there power trying to ¨put women in politics¨ but only in the places they want them to go and it doesn’t well shouldn’t work that way. Oh another important thing I mentioned at that table was that the work about the cuota is not done until the 33% is achieved…we can’t rest just because there is a law in place and great…Martin Luther King didn’t settle for oh the civil rights act was signed my work is done…no he went out and saw sure to its enforcement and if anything it was that that got him killed, not to put a muggy picture on things but to say that he fought for what he believed in until it was a reality or at least more of a reality that it was when he started his work and because ¨we¨/ the Dominican@s aren’t dead yet we/they still have work to do.

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