Que Volvió el Progreso y La Alianza Rosada (Email Update Excerpt)

Well first of all to explain the subject line. Que Volvió el Progreso

means Progress returned. It is a play on the campaign slogan for the

current DR president Leonel Fernandez- Que Vuelve el Progreso. La

Alianza Rosada or the Pink Alliance is a new agreement between two DR

political parties, one party's official color is red and the other's

official color is white hence the pink alliance.

So the reason why I placed que vuelvó el progreso in the subject line

of this email is because this past month is because I have been very

productive overall in the past month. I went to USAID to meet with a

connection I had there through the IIPP “career” counselor. Actually

it was a very productive meeting because I got to meet and re-meet some

people in the office. Side note: I find it very exciting now that I

keep running into people and that people recognize me when I am out

and about at events (evidence that I’m doing my research) Either

way...because of my time at USAID I got and interview with Milagros

Ortíz Bosh, the first female Vice President of the DR (00-04). I was

kinda nervous but the interview went well and she is a very nice lady.

I also went on several informational interviews with different NGOs

and I am going to be attending a two day workshop on how to run a

successful campaign. So if anything I have a “side hustle” or second

job being a campaign manager or consultant, hey I was already the

campaign manager for the current Spelman SSGA president, hey Sara I

hope all is well with you in your Senior year by the way.

La Alianza Rosada....for the past month and a half or so there has

been headlines about the Alianza Rosada and what that means for

President Fernandez and for the upcoming congressional and municipal

elections. Well today I started my work as a volunteer for one of the

female political candidates. Her name is Dr. Emma Valois and she is

from the PRSC party or the Social Christian Revolutionary Party, the

red party. Anyway...today we had a campaign event where we went around

the different barrios (neighborhoods) in a LARGE caravan for

visibility. Well all I can say is that it was like a big party...lots

of music and beer...lots of red, white and pink the later being

because of the alliance. It was very interesting and exciting. There

was this one car with a bunch of people in with three drunk ladies in

the back. They were just a shouting and carrying on...spilling beer

along the way. It was a very interesting site. I also got to be the

gringa of the day. There was a special announcement talking about my

project, people trying to speak to me in English, explanations of

stuff I already knew like the Dominican political parties and more.

Side note 2: I try and be nice and nod when people are like PRSC and

then say what it means but its really starting to bug me...you must be

an idiot not to know what the political party acronyms and names are

in this party because one its always in the paper and most Dominicans

do read the paper and also because I am investigating women in

politics so is it crazy to assume that one of the first things I did

was research what are the main political parities at least there

names. Besides I learned about the political parties observing the

presidential elections when I lived in Santiago.

Speaking of Santiago...I finally got a chance to go back last Sunday.

I had a good time. I got to see one of my classmates from Spelman...as she is a Peace Corps volunteer who´s campo (rural area) is

near Santiago. It was really nice to walk around my old “stompin

ground.” Though it is weird that I now know Santo Domingo more than

Santiago. It was also good to see someone from Spelman...someone that

understands your experience or that you can state your frustration

about not being able to go to homecoming and they completely

understand A. your frustrations and B. why going back for homecoming

is important. I mean she and I even had a discussion about black

colleges and Spelman with one of the girls that is in Santiago

studying abroad...you can take the woman out of Spelman but you can´t

take the Spelman out of the woman.

Well that is it for now...so until next month (Can you believe I have

been living here for 6 months)

© Danielle Pritchett 2013