Research Journal 18 Feb 06

Well I did have a lazy week last week and I’m having difficulty getting up. However, I might be getting back into a productive mode. Yesterday I “started” my “work” in a political campaign and I realize it will probably be more observation and partying than work but that’s ok. I’m working on the campaign of Dra. Emma Valois of the PRSC party. I tried to get in with Christina, La Senadora, but she never returned my calls and Ylonka gave me this hook up. Dra. Valois is the president of the Foro de Mujeres Dom en Partidos Políticas. So yesterday I met up at her house as they were preparing to do a caravan. So I met a lot of cool and interesting people and I got to witness la alianza with PRD. People even had pink flags, a symbol of the pink alliance. Others had sewn together white and red fabric. Overall it was an interesting experience but it has taught me that I have to come out of my shell more because unfortunately people here take silence as not knowing Spanish and to me I just want to blend in and let things come with time. I don’t know I guess I have to change my strategy. I rode in the car of a lawyer and he was nice and all but what is funny is at the end he reminded me of Mark, same “good” hair/same nose and even same lips (from the glance I got). And when I think back I had noticed something about him but couln’t figure what. Oh I also tried Bohemia beer, they just wouldn’t let me not drink something, it wasn’t that bad though. I still don’t like beer. The other interesting news is someone called me gringa yeah me. Someone who works at Dra. Valois’ house cause when she was telling her who was calling she was like me parece es la gringa. I almost had a cow. I have lived in this country for 10 months when you add it all together and I have never been called gringa- negra, morena, haitana, italitana, brazileña lo que sea but gringa no. I was actually angry, a little bit. Well I took plenty of pictures yesterday and we will see what happens.

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