Research Journal 24 Jan 06

I have had a very productive week so far. I went to CIPAF yesterday and finally met with the woman that was really a young woman I had seen around. ¡Que pequeña es el mundo! It was a really good meeting not only because of the info I received but because she told me about an event for today (this morning rather). The event was where SEM [Secretaría de Estado de la Mujer] y el Foro [el Foro de Mujeres Dominicanas de Partidos Políticos] turned in a letter to La Junta Electoral about having them make sure that the political parties adhere to the cuota law and other laws. It was very interesting- lots of women/not a lot of men. I saw Mira from my INTEC class which made me feel more comfortable. But what was really good was that Christina was there and I talked to her. So hopefully I can made some real progress in trying to work on her campaign. I did learn thought that the campaign doesn’t officially start until the 31st. Though I’m glad I name dropped (using Maximo) cause she was like oh I know Maximo etc etc. I finally talked to one of the SEM ladies and I’m going to call there this afternoon to make an appointment. Hopefully after that I should make some progress. Though this weekend I think I'm going to lock myself in the house or go to cinema café one day too and work on this project. I HAVE TO - I have a lot of reading and documentation to do.

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