Research Journal 7 Feb 06

Right now I’m sitting in the SEM waiting on a Sra. Polanco to receive some information. Earlier, today I went back to CE Mujer and had a quick interview with Sra. Mata. She was very nice but the interview was quick because she had a meeting. Apparently no one told her I called this morning to confirm our appointment BUT I should have called yesterday- I forgot to. Either way she was nice and I got what I needed. The SEM so far looks like an interesting office- no air and its hot today, lots of cubicles. Vamos a ver. Oh!! Yesterday I had my 1st interview with none other than Milagros…that’s right Milagros. I went to USAID to meet with Kurt Low, Nina’s friend-Nina IIPP, and one of the women he introduced to me got me the appointment. It wasn’t so bad. She is a very nice woman-though she has never had Yogen Fruz, so much for an ice breaker question. But she has a great outlook on life and I love how she basically lives with the people, she’s off of Independencia casi esq Dr. Defello. Another thing with USAID they can get me in to observing the elections. Basically, when I went to participación cuidadana they had a program for election observation but they told me that because I wasn’t Dominican that I couldn’t observe. Well when I told this to Kurt he was like we could get you in. That would be so cool to observe the elections. And great for the resume. Speaking of resume builders there is this election campaign workshop at the end of the month that I think I’m going to go do. It’s a little over 200 if I pay today but it seems like it could be useful and the money is for materials and a dinner they are going to have. Thank God I brought back my black dress. So if anything I have a side hustle of running campaigns.

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