The crazy bus ride & Condoleezza Rice

The crazy bus ride

So yesterday I was coming home and just like normal I got on the San Cristobal bus, basically it passes my house on the way to San Cristobal. Well I don't know how but I must have gotten the crazy bus driver cause within 2 minutes ok more like the 1st min we had already gotten into an accident. He did this crazy quick move but I was like ok its cool because there was a lot of traffic where we were so I thought it was just because of that. Well...I was wrong because the whole ride home I was grabbing on to the seat next to me and the bus door while thinking why did I have to get the crazy driver lord just get me home in one piece. At one moment I almost made a cross like the Catholics do. But gracias a Dios/thanks to God I did get home safely.

Condoleezza Rice

I write this now because once again today, this time in my French class, someone compared me to this woman. I mean I take it as the compliment as it is meant to be but sometimes I want to scream when someone is like oh your like the next Condoleezza Rice. I always say yes and no. Yes in the sense that I want her job but no in the sense that I will have fashion sense when I get the job. Yes in the sense that I'm an educated black woman and no in the sense that I am conscious of my blackness. Yes in the sense that I'm an independent woman and no in the sense that I would never say George W Bush is my husband. Either is a very interesting situation because as much as I enjoy and hate the complement I feel like every time someone says that and I agree I'm jinxing my chances to actually be Secretary of State, something I definitely do not want to do. I will say if I am secretary of state I want to be more of a Madeline Albright or a Colin Powell not a Condoleezza Rice. Either was and interesting moment.

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