Women in Politics Conference Day One

Well this weekend I am in DC at American University attending a women in politics conference.

So today we had a cocktail session and a dinner where we heard former US UN ambassador Jeane J. Kirkpatrick. She was a very interesting speaker and I learned a lot and me being me I took notes.

I also toured the law school this morning and I really enjoyed my tour and realized why I am really interested in attending this law school. But it was very interesting to see the other students on the tour. Lots of young men, not so many women and there were about 3 minorities: another black girl, an Asian girl and myself. Also there were a lot of wait list students on the tour including a former Peace Corps volunteer. I also learned that AU had over 8000 applicants last year so the admissions officer said several times how many good candidates they turned down which caused me to worry.

Later I got to talk to several cool people that are attending and or volunteering at the conference. Another interesting is that Dr. Pavri, Spelman Poli Sci dept chair, is presenting so I got to say hi to her. Which brings me to my next point...I forget how different I look. I know I have been out of school for less than a year but looks wise I look nothing like I did during school. Hair is gone, no longer pressed and going through a transition. In school it was getting pretty long and straight.

I also got a chance to go out to lunch with [some friends] l, which was fun and interesting. Its so weird to know that my friends have real jobs and that were out of school and everything...

What else...oh talking about my project made me realize just how special my Fulbright opportunity is. I guess living in the DR where there are lots of foreigners working for government or NGOs etc it’s not weird for me to be there. Sure I’m an extrañera and all but to the other extrañeros its not weird so much that I’m in the DR. BUT...every time I come to the US and I say that I live in the DR where I’m doing research with a Fulbright grant and people are like OOHHHHH AHHHH you live in the DR or oh your a Fulbright scholar. To me I just feel like me and livin in the DR I don’t know is just livin in the DR. I think its funny because I was talking about my project with Dr. Pavri and she was like so you do all this in Spanish and I’m like yes and she’s like wow!! She is not the only one but she’s today’s example. I guess what it really comes down to is that I feel like me...I’m just a girl in the world (sorry sad attempt to quote No Doubt). But that is how I feel. I’m just me being me...Well I really need to get to bed its almost 12:30 and I have to get up by 7am.

Hopefully I will have more tomorrow.

Oh I will say that after today I am more encouraged to try and write about my research and try and get published or even write a book about my experience. I guess seeing just how interested people are about what I am researching. We will see. I may try and work with Dr. Pavri to see what my options are.

© Danielle Pritchett 2013