38 days to go...(Email Update Excerpt)

Well it is official my time in the DR is coming to an end. The two other Fulbrighters in Santo Domingo left this week, =( It is going to be weird to pass the days without them. But on with the news of the past month:

Fulbright Presentation

On June 14th, [the other Fulbrighters] and I presented our Fulbright research in an event. It was quite an interesting evening. The DR's 1st lady was in attendance, along with those that helped us in our research. I will say two interesting things about this event. One is the 1st lady's head was down during most of [one] presentation because she was talking about teenage pregnancy and working in a public hospital- the first lady has a program that is working with teenage pregnancy so [this] presentation wasn't looking good for her initiative. But at the same time sorry 1st lady but your little program isn't enough to tackle the problem. Interesting thing 2: during the question and answer period the 1st lady's “sidekick” had a negative criticism for each of our presentations. Basically she was trying to show us up and show her loyalty to the 1st lady and her political party. But we being the smart and talented women that we are shut her down quickly. I mean this lady put words in my mouth and she was lucky that I was not able to re-show the slide that disproved her comment. Overall, it was a lot of fun.


My internship is still going well. I will say that the type of research I'm doing for this project and the research I have done for my Fulbright are completely different. I definitely prefer more of a hands on research approach but I am still learning a lot. By the time I finish this project I should be a mini expert on quota systems and affirmative actions for women in Latin America...or at least for the 8 countries that I am working on. Feel free to check out more about INSTRAW on their website. www.un-instraw.org.

OneWorld Now!

Other good news for this month is that I have a job to go back to. I will be working with OneWorld Now! which is an organization that teaches leadership skills, Chinese or Arabic to high school juniors and seniors in the Seattle area. I will be the student services manager for the organization. Basically dealing with student recruitment and retention, keeping track of the students and being the face of OneWorld Now! in the schools. So I will be moving to Seattle in early August. You can read more about OneWorld Now! as well at: www.oneworldnow.org.

LSAT/Law School

Well this past month I have been making preparations to begin preparing to apply for Law School and taking the LSAT. I even took my first practice test and I already know which questions I am going to have the most trouble with on the test. So wish me luck and feel free to send me any tips you may have for the LSAT or for applying to Law School.

Home bound

Well the title of this email does say 38 days to go so I will end with this. I will be flying back to DE on July 28th and later I will be heading out to Seattle around August 5th. So if you are anywhere near those areas at those times send me an email with your contact information and we can hang out.

I hope all is well with all of you....until next time/hasta la proxima,

© Danielle Pritchett 2013