Greetings from Seattle (Email Update Excerpt)

Well it has been a really really long time since I have written to you all but there was a lot going on. I was finishing my certificate program in Political Science (my final paper was 31 pages including notes and references in Spanish), working on my internship at the UN Research and Training Institute for the Advancement of Women (INSTRAW), preparing to leave the DR and preparing to move to Seattle. Basically until this week I had been in a constant state of moving and I am still adjusting.

Anyway...I am now back in the United States and it has been an interesting feeling being back, will have to reflect on that later. Don’t get me wrong, I am/was happy to be home and everything but I miss the DR because the DR had become like home and I miss my DR routine especially my gym.

I started my new job at OneWorld Now!,, as the Student Services Manager and I really like it. I am really excited about everything that I will learn this year and everything that I can contribute to. I am also really excited about the supportive and invigorating work environment. It really fits into some of the things that I am working on as a growing young adult and I love that.

Seattle is great...really organized, lots of access to fresh foods, near a body of water and good public transportation (I do have my car but it is cheaper to take the bus to work than my car). I started taking Salsa lessons, which have been really fun to brush up on the Salsa skills I learned in Mexico. I also attended an event with the Seattle Urban League´s Young professionals program and will probably come involved with them. I may even become a volleyball referee, there is an info session next week so we will see how that goes.

Besides moving and adjusting to a new city I am also studying for the LSAT which I am taking on September 30th. So if you notice that after this email that I am not emailing and or calling like I used to you know why. Basically it is all about the LSAT or Lamont Samuel Antonio Tavarez until September 30th and then its all about my law school applications after that. Bottom-line- I will be standing solely in my vision of getting into law school about November 1st and thus my initiation of communication with you all will pretty much seize between now and Nov 1.

© Danielle Pritchett 2013